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Cynthia Stafford – Manifesting $112 Million Dollar Lottery

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April 13, 2016
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Juli 10, 2016

Cynthia Stafford – Manifesting $112 Million Dollar Lottery

Cynthia Stafford Winning $112 Million Dollar

Mega Millions Jackpot Winnter

Cynthia Stafford, 53 years old, has been playing the lottery two to three times per month until she hit the jackpot of $112 Million Dollar back in 2007.
What was her secret? Is there a secret to her winning?
According to her. YES.
She’s been interviewed many times and told that she has been always ‚visualizing winning‘ the lottery, when she won it felt like she made it finally happen.

Here is a quick interview on CNN after she won the lottery.

Life After Winning the lottery

 She learned how to manifest after reading the worlds best seller book „The Power of Your Subconscious Mind“ by Dr. Joseph Murphy. For more information go here:


In this 20 minute YouTube video she explains perfectly how to manifest to win the lottery. Grab a cup of coffee and tee and listen to her !

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