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Top 5 – Richest Billionaires In China

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August 13, 2016
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August 14, 2016

Top 5 – Richest Billionaires In China

Top 5 – Richest Billionaires In China


#5  Zong Qinghou

Net Worth: $12.2 Billion

Zong Qinghou is the CEO of the chinese company „Wahaha“  which is the leading producer in beverages in China. Wahaha is the equivalent for Coca Cola in the U.S.

He is currently the deputy in the National People’s Congress and was until recently the richest man in China.


#4 Robin Li 

Net Worth: $15.5 Billion

Chinese entrepreneur Robin Li is the co-founder of the chinese search engine „Baidu“ similar to 80% of the web searches are generatet through Baidu and it is the 5th highest used website in China. According to the „Hurun Report“ Global Rich List 2014 he is the 119th richest man in the world.

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